Do you ever have someone you approach say to you, “This looks like a pyramid scheme!”

Let me share a few ways  I have dealt with this question during my 20 years in the Network Marketing industry.

The first question I have to ask is what do you believe?

Do you believe with all your being, with every fiber in your body that you are in a legitimate. legal business?


I have found in my 20 years in MLM that if you have any doubts about the legitimacy of this industry or your opportunity you will more than likely project that to others and attract responses from others that validate what you believe.  You will be like a magnet attracting other disbelievers.


The most important this is do NOT get defensive and make the person raising the question or objection look WRONG and you RIGHT!

Because even if you win, you LOSE!

Success in this industry is about relationships and the best way to break down a relationship is to make people WRONG and you RIGHT.

This is also NOT a time to show people how much you KNOW!

Too often people start into a long winded explaination that the armed forces, corporations, etc are all like a pyramid.  They start giving technical explainations of their marketing plan and how you can earn more than your sponsor so how it can be a pyramid.  They say we have a product and pyramids just move money around and the person at the top always earn more than those under him in the organisation structure.

All accurate facts but this does little to impress people.  The more you get into a debate the more you open it up for them to throw more questions are you and the more defensive you get.

Before you know it you are putting on your lawyers wig, gathered up your legal counsel, books, and arguments and getting into a full on legal argument with an aim to WIN at all costs to defend your business and it’s reputation.


Don’t take this the wrong way but the truth is, “you really don’t know WHY they said it looks like a pyramid!”

– maybe they like pyramid schemes and are looking for a good
– it may be a way of stalling making a decision about getting involved with your opportunty
– they may have genuine concerns about how legimate your opportunity is?
– they may have read negative press about our industry
– they may have had well meaning friends, family and work colleagues fill thier head full of doubt about our industry

The point is you do NOT know EXACTLY what they mean?


Simply say, “ummm, not sure what you mean?  What do you mean it looks like a Pyramid?  I really want to understand your question so I can answer you properly.”

The hardest thing for most Network Marketers to do after saying this is to actually SHUT UP!

They are so keen to share their view on the topic and seldom actually LISTEN and SEEK TO UNDERSTAND the question.

I love it when people ask this question because at least they are thinking and it gives me an opportunity to clear up any misinformation about our industry.

In most cases they just want to know, “Is this legal because I don’t want to look foolish or embarrassed with others if it turns out to be scam!”



“Actually it’s the best pyramid around and that’s why I came to you first!”

STOP, pause and wait for a response.

Then smile and say, “Of course it’s not a pyramid you goose.  I wouldn’t risk our friendship introducing a pyramid scheme to you. Now we have that sorted what did you like most about Lekker?  The weekly Euro income or the great travel deals?”

OR “You could say, well I know Lekker sends people to the pyramids.  Does that make it a pyramid scheme”

Keep your sense of humor.  Make light of it, move on to a positive topic and get them back to looking at what the opportunity can do for them.  If you get all serious they will too.


How to Respond to a person’s questions, issues, doubts or concerns about any aspect of Lekker.

Be Bold – Ask them:  “Have you got any doubts at all that Lekker is right for you at his time?”  You will be seen and understood to be open and empathetic – because you are!

90% of the time you will be able to personally relate to whatever the person says.  If you don’t understand their concern then ask more open questions until you do…

Once you appreciate and understand their concern try the following three-step ‘Feel, Felt, Found’ approach:

Step 1 – FEEL:  “I know how you FEEL.  I understand what you mean and are saying…”

Step 2 – FELT:  “I FELT the same emotions/experiences…”

Step 3 – FOUND:  “What I FOUND after looking at the facts/talking to others etc,  was…”


  • I understand you feel about that. Many others have felt the same way. And what they have found is that….
  • I know how you feel that it looks expensive. I was talking to someone yesterday who felt the same when they first looked at it. But when they understood the benefits they found that it was excellent value.
  • You know I feel the same about products like this when I first see them. I felt the same recently when I bought my new car. But when I took it home for the weekend, I found that everyone I know was so envious.

How it works

By empathizing with how the other person feels, you are building harmony with them to create rapport. When you talk about how somebody else felt, you move the focus to a more objective place which they are likely to trust more. This also makes them a part of a group such that they do not feel alone.

FINAL NOTE: It’s a sifting and sorting business!  Don’t get invested in WHO is interested and WHO is NOT.  Find the people hungry for success, ready to take ACTION to better their lives, people with OPEN minds.

The response you get may be in how you are presenting Lekker.  Use the professional tools at your disposal like the website, DVD, PowerPoint, Webianrs, etc that give a comprehensive overview of Lekker.

I also recommend getting in touch with your upline support leaders and get some coaching and also involve them with a few approaches to people to get some positive results so you learn how to be effective.

If you adopt these strategies you will be much more powerful in dealing with objections.